Investment Approach


Clairmont Group invests in all levels of the capital structure that have limited downside risk, while seeking to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns with upside potential through capital appreciation or repositioning where it has intimate knowledge of the market and the position of each asset.

Investment Objective

  • Capital preservation and attractive risk-adjusted returns
  • Create long-term value through execution and a hands-on management approach
  • Align interests between principals and investors through transparency and significant capital commitment
  • Target investment themes based on macroeconomic and real estate market trends
  • Identify mispriced opportunities not recognized by the broader market

Value-Added Repositioning

  • Opportunities focused on value creation as opposed to “quick flips”
  • Properties that are under-managed or under-capitalized
  • Opportunities mispriced or undetected by the current market
  • Continuation of successful investment practice in all property types

Distressed Situations

  • Work within existing capital structures to restructure loans
  • Identify properties in special servicing, foreclosure, and bankruptcy
  • Maximize returns by adding value through ability to take control of properties
  • Fund redevelopment capital necessary to convert properties to their highest and best uses

In-fill Development or Redevelopment

  • Longer-term, complicated projects with significant profit potential
  • Projects with time horizons beyond the holding period of typical real estate opportunity funds
  • Unique opportunities with significant competitive advantage