Advisory Services


The Clairmont Groups provides advisory services that focuses on asset strategy consulting, restructuring/workouts, real estate mergers & acquisitions, and dispositions.

Asset Strategy Consulting

Clairmont helps our clients realize untapped value of their assets through our proprietary Asset Value Analysis (trademark “AVA”). The tool allows our clients to understand their asset’s strategic position within a market and the effects of future market and capital dynamics on the asset’s position. We assist our clients in making sophisticated decisions such as whether to hold/sell, invested additional capital into the asset or reposition to maximize the total return on investment.

  • Highest and Best Use
  • Revenue Maximization Tool
  • Operating Expenses Benchmarking
  • Capital Efficiency Analysis
  • Asset Strategic Positioning
  • Market Performance Forecasts


Clairmont has extensive experience and expertise in negotiating with lenders and special servicers on loan modifications and/or restructuring. Additionally, Clairmont can infuse capital into each deal.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Clairmont Group specializes in midmarket and small cap real estate related M&A, divestitures, spin-offs and carve-outs advisory. We provide strategic insight into the real estate portfolios and operating platforms and help our clients achieve their goals in growing their company or strategically realigning their business. Our company can help identify opportunities, value, negotiate, structure and close deals that are in-line with our client’s strategic needs.

Disposition Advisory

Unlike many brokerage shops, we take a Principal’s approach to selling our client’s assets. To maximize the asset value we undertake a sophisticated analysis to understand the assets full potential through our proprietary Asset Value Analysis (AVA) methodology. We do this to make sure our clients achieve the maximum price for their assets.

Once the value has been determined we tap into our extensive broker network to market each asset or determine if the portfolio approach might generate higher values. Since real estate is a local business we choose brokers who have strong relationships and have a proven track record in their respective region.