Clairmont Group

Investment Approach

Clairmont Group invests in all levels of the capital structure that have limited downside risk, while seeking to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns with upside potential through capital appreciation or repositioning where it has intimate knowledge of the market and the position of each asset.

Value-Add Investment

Opportunities focused on value creation as opposed to “quick flips”. Properties that are under-managed or under-capitalized. Opportunities mispriced or undetected by the current market.

Distressed Situations

Work within existing capital structures to restructure loans. Identify properties in special servicing, foreclosure, and bankruptcy. Maximize returns by adding value through ability to take control of properties. Fund redevelopment capital necessary to convert properties to their highest and best uses.

In-fill Development or Redevelopment

Longer-term, complicated projects with significant profit potential. Unique opportunities with significant competitive advantage.


Clairmont Group is a private investment and management firm that focuses on real estate.
Fully integrated real estate investment & management firm

The Clairmont Group LLC is a New York based diversified real estate company that is engaged in acquisition, development, management and advisory services. Clairmont employs a fundamental, value-driven investment strategy and invests alongside institutional and private clients in a broad range of real estate and real estate-related investment. Clairmont has deep experience in sourcing, executing and managing real estate transactions. The company specializes in mixed-use, multifamily and hospitality asset classes with consideration given to retail, office and industrial assets. Over the past five years the managing partners acquired over $1.3 billion of real estate which includes 8,000 residential units and 4 million square feet of commercial real estate.


Co-Founders and Managing Partners
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David Lubin

Managing Partner
David Lubin is a partner in the Clairmont Group. He has acquired over $600 million in commercial real estate over the past 5 years. Mr. Lubin is responsible for acquisitions, asset management and property management in Tri-State area.
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Ryan Colbert

Managing Partner
Ryan Colbert has over a decade of institutional real estate equity investment experience in both domestic & international markets and has acquired over $1 billion worth of commercial real estate. Mr. Colbert oversees acquisitions, asset management and property management in New York City.

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